3 Cooking Supplies That Make Camping Much Easier


When you go camping, it is important that you have all of the gear that you need. This will make it easier for you to camp comfortably, and will likely help you to enjoy the experience more. One type of camping supplies that can really make your camping experience more enjoyable are cooking supplies. Enjoying good food while camping is essential, and cooking supplies help to make this possible. This article is going to discuss 3 types of cooking supplies that make camping  much easier. 

Dutch Oven

One awesome item that you can purchase to make cooking while camping a breeze, is a dutch oven. This is essentially a cast iron pot with a cast iron lid that goes on top. You fill the cast iron pot up with ingredients and place inside of the fire. You can cover the cast iron pot with coals in order to ensure that the contents inside get cooked evenly, and then all you have to do is wait. You can check the food inside repeatedly during the cooking process, but just make sure that you don't accidentally drop some of the coal or soot inside of the bot when you remove the lid. Once you see that your food is done, you will use the handle on the dutch oven to carefully remove it from the hot fire and then you and your family can enjoy the hot dinner inside. 

Portable Cooking Stove

While the dutch oven is great for cooking foods that generally get cooked in a conventional oven, you may realize that you still miss having a stove top when you are camping. Thankfully, you can purchase a portable cooking stove that you can easily bring along with you. This kind of a stove will generally come with two burners, and it either has legs that you can set up and take down, or it requires a table to sit on. The stove will also run on propane, which can be found in the camping section of almost any store and is quite affordable. This allows you to cook anything that you would cook at home on the stove, and can also perform toast duties.

Grill Rack

Last, but not least, a grill rack is a great addition to your cooking supplies. This is going to be a cooking supply that is very affordable and is very versatile. You will simply need to place the grill rack directly onto the fire, and the place whatever meat you would like on top of it. Cooking the meat over the fire brings out some amazing flavors, and allows you to cook pretty much any type of meat. 


13 June 2017

extending camping season into the winter

Camping doesn't have to come to an end when the fair weather departs for the year. There are several things that you can do to make winter camping enjoyable and not the least bit uncomfortable. My blog will show you several tips and supplies that can take the chill out of your winter camping trip. The things I have shared have helped me enjoy my camping trips during peak hunting season and kept me warm during some of the worst winter conditions that my area has seen. Hopefully, everything that I have included can help to extend your own camping season.