Worried About Your Kid's Screen Time? 3 Way Summer Camp Helps Kids Unplug


Today's biggest parenting challenge often seems to be finding ways to get kids to shut off their cell phone and get involved with real life activities. While school helps take your kid away from their electronics for at least part of the day, it is common to begin to worry as the summer draws near. After all, the last thing you want is for your child to be stuck on a video game during a beautiful sunny day. Fortunately, overnight summer camps in New England are an option that helps get kids off of their gadgets and create real life memories.

Outdoor Activities Take Priority

At home, complaints of boredom are commonplace, and it is possible that your kid needs new experiences to keep them stimulated. Co-Ed summer camps in New England provide campers with opportunities that they may not get at home such as hiking in the wilderness or learning how to waterski. Since the majority of the day is spent outside exploring the fun that can be had in nature, your kid won't even notice that they have gone a full week without touching their cell phone.

Real Life Connections Are Emphasized

Kids today socialize online, and this is often the go-to choice for kids who might be shy in social situations. At camp, even the shyest kids blossom since the environment invites friendliness. Within minutes of arriving at camp, kids begin making friends, and those friendships are reinforced through friendly competitions and group activities that foster bonding. From singing around the campfire to playing a game of soccer, these real life friendships help kids see the powerful bonds that are made when they make an effort to make personal connections.

Discover New Personal Interests

As kids make the transition from children to teens, they sometimes struggle with figuring out what they enjoy. When this happens, they may turn to electronics to fill their time. At overnight camps, kids are introduced to sports such as archery, gymnastics and wakeboarding that allow them to discover what truly makes them happy. Once they return home, campers continue to hone their new skills so that they can show off how much they improved when they return to camp the next summer.

This year, don't spend the summer fretting over how much time your kid spends staring at a screen. Send them to camp, such as Camp Walt Whitman, where they will learn the joys of making friends and engaging in real life activities that allow their true personality to shine.


3 August 2017

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